Choosing a quality minor hockey program is choosing a staff that will put your well-being and your development first and foremost.  It's also selecting opportunities that you won't get elsewhere.  Here are some of our program's highlights.



A team is defined by its culture.  To start on the right foot, we will begin our season with a team retreat at Camp Shomria from September 2nd to 5th where the team will work off the ice on preparing for the season.  With, of course, campfires and marshmallows.


NCAA is a great option for many U18 players...  But do you know what playing NCAA really means?  We'll be heading down to Potsdam to visit the Campus and the Athletic Facilities, and attend Clarkson's game.

Image by Klim Musalimov
Ice Hockey Match


Selecting events that will get the players the recognition they seek is important.  We will be participating in the following tournaments:

Ottawa (14-16th October)

Kingston (21-23rd October)

Vaughan (9-11th December)

Sarnia (13-15 January)


Understanding the importance of fine motor skills development in teenagers aged 16-18, especially those involved in late specialization sports such as hockey, skills development is a critical component of individual development at the U18 level.  We are thrilled to rely on Jessayah, an experienced power skating and skills instructor that led programs for the Ice Wolves in Kingston and Perfect Skating in Ottawa, to oversee our skills development programs, which will also include exciting partnerships with OHL Skills Instructors.

Ice Hockey Player


With combines and other off-ice evaluation events growing in importance, it's no secret that strength & conditoning is now a key element of moving to new levels.  With a "no man left behind" approach, Jessayah and his team of Strength & Conditioning coaches will ensure that all players are set-up for success, overseeing team training and combines, as well as ensuring that every athlete is looked after to maximize their development and injury prevention. 


Goalies are a key element of any high-performing team.  As such, we are betting on their development as a pillar of success for our team.  Between the lead of Mike Murphy as GK's goalie coach, and the ongoing coaching of Jeremy, week to week, goalies will have a strong voice advocating for them, as well as continuous opportunities for development and improvement.

Ice Hockey Goalkeeper
Young Man in Therapy


Partnering up with Molliteum and mental Coach Matthew Caldaroni, our team will not only have access to ongoing assessments and development programs, but they will also train and develop mental resiliency and performance tools.  The mental aspect is especially important at the end of the pandemic, but it also remains one of the most undervalued fields of performance in sports with some of the greatest impacts.  Use your head, for real!


Whether you are planning on going the NCAA path, or using your academic package after your OHL career, your decisions as a student impact your future opportunities.  To best understand how to have success today, we have partnered up with Jonathan, our Academic Advisor, that can help understand the choices available to you today for your success tomorrow.

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Making the right decisions isn't always easy, especially when you are not well informed on the impact of your choices.  To help educate our players on their decisions, we have partnered up with Sgt Clement Nesanayagam and his team to offer our players guidance from the Kingston Police Force.  From social media to social settings, the KPF Liaison will help us navigate complex situations and come out ahead, as athletes and individuals.


Thanks to a great video platform, each player will receive detailed game analytics and highlight reels.  Best of all, however, Jessayah will provide individualized video clips explained and to be reviewed in order to cultivate game sense and improve the comprehension of both our teams and our opponents' systems.  Work will be done to provide players opportunities to deepen their knowledge of strategies away from the rink.

Boy Checking his Phone
Insurance Agent


Advisors and agents are common in hockey now.  Understand better their roles, their impact on eligibility, their work, and their best attributes while also hearing their best tips and tricks to promote yourself to the next levelé